We offer a unique opportunity for young adults and adults (18 - 33 years old) to grow through the challenging "in between" stage of life that occurs when leaving high school, college and transitioning into adulthood. It is an exciting, but challenging time, where questions are asked and a future discerned as individuals grow closer to discovering their place and call in life.


We travel on an international trip each May as we seek to build relationships not only among churches, but also individuals within other faith traditions. We seek to break down some of the barriers that surround and separate us from those who come from differing faith traditions. We believe that the most effective way to work towards global peace is through working side by side with our sisters and brothers in this world.


 We are looking forward to planning a trip for May of 2023.  We continue to share love and friendship with children, families, and refugees as we provide assistance to a local ministry . For more information contact Jeanne Haemmelmann at 727-360-5508 ext. 6. at hamm


 We are gathering at Urban Brew & BBQ (2601 Central Ave) on Tuesday, March 8 from 7-8:30. They have great food, Shuffleboard, and a nice area to gather. We look forward to seeing new faces there.