For over 100 years, Pass-A-Grille Beach United Church of Christ has withstood the rigors of time and nature.  Resting on a solid foundation provided by generations, this fellowship of believers has shaped and reshaped itself, in order to meet the needs, challenges, and changes of the times. Over the past several years this has meant examining how our facility helps or hinders the needs of those we seek to serve.

Constructed in the late 1950s, our building modeled the lifestyles and requirements of that time, but since then much has changed.  Families no longer live in the same community their entire lives.  The introduction of technology has increased the speed of communication, but in some ways lessened the depth and value of what is being communicated.  Meaningful relationships are more difficult to find and maintain, thus contributing to a greater sense of separation and isolation.  In todays  world, the church continues to provide a place and space for individuals from diverse backgrounds to meet as they build community, birth friendships, and provide the support necessary for the well-being of our families, communities, and nation.

With this in mind, it became obvious that our facility was in need of remodeling to continue to aid the church in its efforts to fulfill this ministry.  Thus after much study and thought, it was determined that our worship and program space would be remodeled in order to be more open, so we could offer a place for people to not only worship, learn, and grow, but make personal connections with one another.  Our “Raise the Steeple” renovation was one way our congregation sought to accomplish this task.

The destruction of our church’s steeple in 2017 by hurricane Irma provided the impetus for this multi-million dollar project.  Now that it is completed, we love it!  Our outdoor pavilion is a beautifully unique setting for private prayer or a family wedding.  The colors and design of our worship space are a reflection and extension of our beach location.  But the inscription engraved on the waterfall near the entrance to our sanctuary, says it best:  “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!”  

And you are!  We hope to meet and greet you in the future!