Open and Affirming Resolution



On Sunday, February 12, 2023, a Special Meeting of the Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church Congregation was called to read the Open and Affirming (ONA) Resolution as follows:


WHEREAS Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church, United Church of Christ is a community of Christians that strives to be inclusive, reconciling and caring in our ministry to each other and to the wider community, and…

WHEREAS our members are people of faith who believe each of us is a child of God, precious to our Creator.  We,


THEREFORE, agree to covenant with our Creator, with the ministers and members of this church, and the broader community of the United Church of Christ, to be Open and Affirming (ONA) to all people who seek to worship in our community and enter in the full life and ministry of this church, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.


After a six-week campaign to educate and inform the congregation on Open and Affirming, the church leadership made voting for the ONA designation available to members at the 8:30 and 10:00 service, as well as to members who were away and could vote online. It is with much joy that we announce that...


The ONA Rresolution was passed by 93% of the votes cast by our members.  As a result of this vote, Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church will now be proud to post the designation of ONA on our website and signage.


Bonnie Castle

PAGBCC Council President