You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village”. PAGCC Worship Life Ministry likes to say, “It takes a congregation”.  We need volunteers to assist with the following important tasks.


Both the 8:30 and 10 AM services require 2 ushers each. Teams are welcome. Volunteering for a particular Sunday every month, would be most welcome.  Also needed, are parishioners to fill in on an as needed basis.



We need 1 or 2 more volunteers to set up communion for the 10 AM service, which is only served the first Sunday of each month. Set up takes 10-15 minutes and can be done on Saturday or by 9:30 AM on Sunday.


Decorating the altar for special services (Christmas, Easter, etc.)  is a task that would be better served with a point person and team of helpers. Please let me know if you would like to head this important group.



A note from our AV Team:

When thinking about how to help with Sunday service, consider joining the AV Team. This job can be a little technical ("little" meaning "slightly" and not scary) or quite technical (meaning "quite"), depending on your interest.  To learn more, see me, John Nelson [607-426-9689] or Ed Kuznick [610-247-2602] Sunday morning — we are the ones running around with iPads and smiling because our job is fun. See us even if you just want to know what the heck we are doing, or why we are always smiling.


We are happy to provide training and have procedural guidelines for your review. If you feel any of these tasks could be your contribution to the church service, please call/text me at 727-415-3777 or email bev@bevmjackson.com. Thank you for your consideration and know that you are very much appreciated!


Bev Jackson

Worship Life Ministry