• Our worst enemy in life is “fear”. It paralyzes our emotions and inhibits our actions. It causes us to focus only on ourselves, and our safety. Everyone faces this emotion, as it is always present inside us, waiting to grab our spirits and lead down the path of “woe is me”. At times, it even feels as though we are drowning as bad news incessantly bombards us. And all we want is a for someone, anyone, to through us a life preserver.

  • I suspect that most of you reading this, have never lived through a time like we are currently experiencing.  Do I go out or stay in?  Am I appropriately cautious or paranoid?  Are we ever going to return to anything like, what my memory identifies as normal?  I don’t know!  People ask why we haven’t opened the church for worship.  Folks ask for my thoughts, as a minister, on the current social discord, but are really seeking an affirmation of what they already believe. And my responsibility is to reflect and apply the gospel message to current events as objectively as I can. 




  • In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,” says the Lord. “If I cause you the pain, I will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation,” says your God.
     ~ Isaiah 66:9 (NCV)
    I happen to love the book of Isaiah. It feeds the poet in me, nurtures my hopeful longings while still laying down some serious boundaries between right and wrong.