• . . . this is why, when a squad of Israeli police burst into the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (second most holy site on the temple dome), pushing Palestinian attendants aside in order to cut the loudspeakers broadcasting prayers, in order for the Israeli president to deliver a speech uninterrupted, things began to unravel.

  • “A look at the violence occurring in Israel — What is going on?”


    Peace is elusive in the best of times and most perfect of circumstances.  But when disrespect and disdain disappear, so does any promise for peace. In the case of Israeli and Palestinian effort to achieve peace, it feels, well, impossible. Instead of focusing on ways to achieve peace, all parties retain their grudges and wreckage from the past, then sort and curate it into a single story that works for them.  But that story is never the only one.  It is, however, the story most Americans have heard.  I’m not saying it isn’t true, or doesn’t contain truth, but it shouldn’t stand alone.  There is more!